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  • 18-12-2023

    Night climb Shenzhen first peak

    December 16, 2023. A group of young blood in our company organized themselves to climb the first peak in Shenzhen at night - Wutong Mountain

  • 09-01-2024

    Lean learning keeps us improving

    There is an old saying in China: Live until you are old and learn until you are old. Only through continuous learning can people make continuous progress. We have been conducting Lean Learning for more than half a year, and every day we learn a small piece of content. In the process of lean learning, we learned a lot of theoretical knowledge and also taught us many ways to deal with people.

  • 01-01-2024

    Happy New Year's Day

    January 1, 2024 is our New Year's Day, which is the beginning of the first day of 2024; on this day we have unique traditional customs, such as: making dumplings, pasting Spring Festival couplets, lion dance, etc.

  • 30-11-2023

    Shanghai Auto parts Exhibition

    2023 11 Our company has received the invitation of Shanghai Auto Parts Exhibition, which is scheduled to be held on November 28. Our company representatives also arrived in Shanghai on the 27th; This exhibition lasts for two days, there are famous automobile companies from home and abroad.

  • 25-12-2023

    Merry Christmas

    December 25th is the annual Christmas, but also foreign friends of the New Year. Here on behalf of the company wish foreign friends: Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  • 21-12-2023

    Read to improve yourself

    A reading activity was held in the company this Wednesday, mainly attended by the heads of all departments; The main purpose of this activity is to improve the knowledge reserve of each person in charge, and to be able to apply the learning in the book to the work; Improve the management ability of each person in charge, improve customer service awareness, etc.

  • 27-11-2023

    Outdoor team building activities

    On November 25, 2023, our Marketing Department organized an outdoor group building activity; Everyone barbecued, cooked hot pot, while there are many snacks, drinks, beer; Everyone had a good time on this day.

  • 13-11-2023

    Quarterly outstanding employee recognition conference

    The Quarterly Outstanding Employee Recognition Conference was held at 5pm on November 9, 2023, and all staff attended the conference. This conference mainly includes: tug-of-war competition, music party, outstanding staff commendation, general manager summary, outstanding staff photo and so on

  • 07-12-2023

    Morning meeting for apprentices

    On December 7, 2023, at 7:50 AM, we held a morning meeting for apprentices in the large conference room on the third floor of the office building. The apprentices participating in this activity are from the project department, Marketing Department, manufacturing Department, etc

  • 08-11-2023

    Welcome to visit from foreign customers

    On November 7, 2023, the Indian customer visited our company. More than 10 o 'clock in the morning customers came to our company, we were excited to welcome customers from afar, took them to visit the office, and then took them to see the equipment in the factory, as well as some of the inspection fixture products.

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