• 1.What mode of transportation does our company usually use?

    Sea transportation and road transportation should be characterized by land transportation on the mainland and sea transportation abroad. If customers need it urgently, they can also take air transportation, right? It needs to be verified. I didn't know it very well after asking several people

  • 2.Has the company ever provided free samples to customers?

    No, because we are non-standard customized tooling. There is no so-called sample. Only those products produced in batch can have free samples

  • 3.How many common modes of transportation? What are the characteristics of each?

    Road transportation (short distance), sea transportation (standard mode of transportation), air transportation (fast), container transportation (high utilization of transportation tools, fast loading and unloading), international multimodal transport (cost saving)

  • 4.What are the characteristics of various payment methods?

    At present, I know 50-40-10, 40-40-20, 30-30-30-10

  • 5.Are there any other payment methods in our company besides 5-4-1 and 4-4-2?

    The payment method is required by the customer

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