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Team building activityNovember 25th, another sunny day; We waited with great excitement for twelve o 'clock; According to the original plan, we will go to the park to carry out outdoor group building activities at noon on 25th. Because of the need to prepare ingredients, tools, etc., so a few colleagues set out at 9 o 'clock in the morning to buy things, after three hours of fighting, ingredients, barbecue tools, etc are ready.At more than 12 o 'clock at noon, our colleagues who bought food ingredients had arrived at the scheduled place, and other colleagues were ready to set off by car to the destination after receiving the message in the group notice.

Soon we arrived at our destination by car. We worked together to arrange tables, chairs, grills, ingredients, drinks and snacks. Others started a fire to prepare the barbecue, while others worked on skewers.When everything is ready, our grill is ready to grill meat; We gathered around the grill, and after eating on the grill for a while, we all sat around the table and talked while we grilled. There were several young colleagues flying kites on the lawn, having fun, but the happiness was often short-lived, her kite flew into a big tree without noticing, and she was very sad after knowing that her kite could not get down.

After eating for a period of time, several young colleagues sat together to play cards and drink beer, they played the content called "fight landlord", this game needs three people to play together, two of them have 17 cards each, one for 20 cards; Then the two have 17 cards for a group, 20 cards for another group, respectively, and finally see who first finished the hand of the card who will win, the losing party needs to drink as a punishment; After they played for more than an hour, everyone who drank wine was red in the face.

At nearly four o 'clock in the afternoon, a colleague of our team brought two foreign friends to our activity place; Everyone greeted the two foreign friends warmly; We warmly invited them to eat and drink beer with us, and they happily did so beside us; We all sat together and chatted with our foreign friends.At 5:30 p.m., the foreign friends who had fun sang an English song for us and took a group photo with us before they left.

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The pleasant day also ended with the sunset, and before it was nearly dark, we also began to clean up the garbage and clean up the garbage on the site, so that we were ready to pack up and leave for home. We all took an active part in this activity and dared to show ourselves in front of foreign friends. The activity also further promoted the feelings among colleagues and made our team more cohesive.

Finally, on behalf of our company, I would like to welcome all foreign friends to visit China and also welcome to visit our company.

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