Night climb Shenzhen first peak


|Night climb Shenzhen first peak

Shenzhen Wutong Mountain is about 1000 meters high, there are four routes up the mountain. The longest route is about 12.5KM.

On December 16, 2023, 9 passionate young people from our company organized a night climb to Wutong Mountain, they were from the Marketing Department, the technology department, the project department, the engineering department and so on. On Saturday afternoon, at 5:00 p.m., we gathered for a headcount and drove to our destination. The destination is about 100 kilometers away from our company, which takes two hours by car. At seven o 'clock in the evening, it was already dark, because the road was very congested, so I did not reach the destination for two hours. Another forty minutes or so passed before we reached the parking lot down the hill. After we parked the car, we went to eat, and bought a lot of drinks and snacks. Then we rested in the convenience store at the bottom of the hill, ready to start the climb at 12 am.Until 12 o 'clock at night, we stood at the foot of the mountain, by the city lights, looking at the towering mountain, everyone gave a sigh of admiration. Then we began to climb, towards the top of the destination; In the process of climbing the mountain encountered many night climbing teams. Because the walking distance is still relatively long, everyone encourages each other along the way; Some people carry a stereo, playing intense music. After climbing about seven kilometers, we stopped to rest, although the climb was breathless, but everyone was still very spirit.We didn't have a stereo with us, so we followed the rest of the team up the hill. It has been winter since December. And the weather is unexpected, we climb the Wutong mountain has suddenly become a little cold, maybe the mountain began to have clouds and fog around.At more than three o 'clock in the morning, we reached a service area under the top of the mountain, because there are still three hours before dawn, we are ready to rest in the service area, and then around five o 'clock in the mountain. This service is more than 800 meters above sea level, and it is even colder than the mountain. Although everyone was wearing down jackets, they were still shivering with cold. They were cold, tired, and hungry; But not a single person flinched, not a single person said not to climb to the top of the mountain. At five o 'clock, everyone gathered in the service area and set out again; The remaining distance is still four kilometers of steps, which is also a huge challenge. There were also several girls in our team, who were not very athletic themselves, but they did not complain or retreat during the climb. When climbing the steps, we help each other, when a girl can not climb, we stop to rest together, when the legs are said to be sore, we help each other press the legs; At 6:30 in the morning, the day has begun to dawn, and we have also climbed to the top of the mountain with unremitting persistence. Other teams have also climbed to the top of the mountain. Originally quiet mountain, now also a lot of sound. At this time, the mountain top, surrounded by clouds, the temperature is only eight degrees Celsius; Although the weather was relatively cold, everyone was enthusiastic and completely left the cold and fatigue behind. At the top of the mountain, some carried the Chinese flag, others carried the flag of their own company team.Because it was a cloudy day surrounded by clouds and fog, everyone knew in their hearts that they would not be able to see the sunrise in the morning, but when they saw the Chinese national flags flying in the cold wind on the top of the mountain, they were also satisfied. Did not see the sunrise, although there is a little regret, but everyone is still very satisfied with the trip, because the harvest in the process of climbing is nothing else can be compared.

At seven o 'clock in the morning on weekends, we descended from the summit on time; Along the way, listening to the sound of babbling streams, chirping birds, a group of us talking and laughing, chatting slowly walk down the mountain. On the way down, we also saw many climbers, which reminded us of ourselves climbing last night. This night climb of Wutong Mountain has enhanced our spirit of perseverance, the spirit of not giving up in the face of challenges and difficulties, and also made our team more cohesive. All these will encourage us to be more enthusiastic and courageous in our work.


The mountain climbing trip also came to an end, our company has a group of passionate and energetic people, but also a group of conscientious workers; At this point, take two minutes to get to know our company and we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

|Company Info

Mission Automation specilizes in designing & building automotive & non-automotive checking fixtures & welding automation systems,it's skilled at all kinds of precision machining works: inspection equipment, welding and assembly. With the plant area of  8600 ㎡ ,230+ employees in total, automation production equipment and aerospace & military precision machining standards, Mission Automation became a well-known supplier of checking fixture & welding jig in the world.

Mission Automation Business includes Whole Vehicle Cubing, Arc Welding Fixture, Spot Welding Fixture, Spot Welding Workstation, Door Fixture, Carling Fixture, Roof Fixture, Bumper Fixture.

CMM Holding Fixtures


Engineering Capacity 

1.Checking Fixture

Engineering Team: For checking fixtures, it has 35 engineers in total, 20% are senior engineers, 50% are junior engineers and 30% are beginners, 45% of these checking fixture engineers have more than 5 years relevant experience;

Category: Main Model(Cubing, UCF, PCF) ; Plastic Part Gauge ; Metal Part Gauge ; Raster Holding Fixture.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Software Automation

   UG secondary development automatic design increases the efficiency by more than 30% ;

  • Design Standardization

    90% components are standardized during the designing stage in order to shorten lead-time and reduce cost;

  •  Customer Requirement & Satisfaction

   To better understand customer’s specification and requirement, tech review in person and local support on site are available for big projects. 

 Battery Assembly Gauge

2.Welding Automation

Engineering Team: For welding automation, it has 26 engineers in total, 20% are production engineers, 12% are electric engineers and 68% are design engineers, 51% of these welding automation engineers have more than 5 years relevant experience;

Category: welding work station, welding assembly line, welding jigs.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Electrical Adjustment

   Electrical PLC ability, testing ability, programming ability;

  • Robot Simulation

   Robot off-line programming ability, beat analysis ability, interference detection ability;

  • Customer Requirement & Satisfaction

   To better understand customer's specification and requirement, tech review in person and local support on site are available for big projects.

Manufacturing Capacity

1.Equipment Capacities

 2 shifts per day & 6 days per week;

 Monthly maintenance & Service;

 Shortest led-time is 25 days.

2.Machining Accuracy

0.008mm before anodize;

0.0005mm after anodize.

3.Operation Standardization

Standardization on processing, measuring, tooling, mapping, bracket programming, base programming and 5 axis programming.


|Certificate and Recognition

Mission Automation certified with ISO17025 and ISO9001and other state-level high-tech enterprise certificates. Besides, Mission has gained 30 national patents and many high-tech products awards from local government.

CMM Holding Fixtures

As for a leading enterprise of this industry,Mission Automation gained rich experience in automotive checking fixtures,welding jigs and automation systems for more than 15 years. We have not only capability, capacity,short delivery time and competitive price,but also one-stop shopping, pre-sales and after-sales value-added services.

Mission Automation takes 'Provide No Defect Products' and 'Delivery on time'  as its sacred mission,and continues to explore the most efficient services and technologies to serve the customers globally in world-class standard. please feel free to contact us. Additionally, you can request a quote today for customized solutions.

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