System Workstation-Arc Welding

System Workstation-Arc Welding

Robot spot welding system

System Workstation-Arc Welding

According to the characteristics of automatic robot welding work in the automobile industry, the integrated and optimized design of its logistics turnover, layout of electric water and gas circuit, layout of auxiliary equipment, waste gas treatment, lighting and cooling, safety protection, maintenance and maintenance and other comprehensive projects, reasonable layout, greatly saving the occupied area, improving the product turnover time and production efficiency. Each welding workstation can be an independent work unit to meet the needs of factory planning and wiring.

Basic composition of robot spot welding system

1. Spot welding robot

2. Welding machine

3. Welding gun and cleaning device

4. Chiller

5. Worktable, fixture and positioner

6. Safety system

 System Workstation-Arc Welding

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