Seat Cutting Jig


Seat cutting fixture


This is a left front beam cutting fixture for the front seat of the car, which is used to cut the positioning of the product to meet the processing needs.

In the design process, we design in strict accordance with customer needs to meet all customer needs. Firstly, when the product is at a height from the ground, it is ergonomically convenient for manual pick-and-place parts, and the operation is convenient. Secondly, we strictly follow the positioning points provided by the customer to ensure that the filling, welding, and inspection reference holes are consistent, and the error is reduced. Realize the maximum repeatability of the fixture; then we save the cost, simplify the fixture structure, use a large number of standard parts in the fixture structure, saving the design cost; at the same time, we design the fixture with certain safety protection measures, for example, beyond the bottom plate range With a protective cover, protective measures installed at the sensor, chamfering parts that may cause damage to the human body, and reducing sharpness... This series of designs not only protects the safety of the operator, but also improves the fixture. Accuracy and wear resistance.



Seat cutting fixture

Three-coordinate detector fixture number W35-M2-18-16408 / HSTF190236-1L

Cutting fixture size: 1480*600*400

Weight: 80kg

Part Name: 4020411ED1


Exporting country: Malaysia



Fixture type

Seat cutting fixture (single piece cutting)


Main frame: Steel

Benchmark pin: 40Cr

Fixture bracket: iron


Main frame: yellow

Reference pin: hard chrome plating

Fixture bracket: blackened surface

Manufacturing tolerance:

1.Measuring Datum               ±0.05mm

2.The Flatness of Base Plate        0.05/1000

3.The Thickness of Base Plate       ±0.03mm

4.The Location Datum            ±0.05mm

4.The Surface                ±0.1mm

5.The Checking Pins and Holes    ±0.1mm


CNC machining (milling / turning), grinding

Black anodizing

Design hour (h): 24h

Assembly hours (h): 70h



Quality Control

Vms-2515G 2D projector, HR-150 A hardness tester

Shenzhen Yinji Testing Technology Co., Ltd. obtained third-party certification, ISO17025 certification

Lead time & Packing

45 days after the 3D design is approved

7 days via FedEx: via aviation FedEx

Standard export wooden box


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Seat Cutting Jig

6 sets of 5-axis CNC machines imported from Germany/Italy, 36 sets of 3-axis CNC machines from Taiwan 8 sets of CMM checking mechines. Industry-leading human and equipment resources, to ensure highy accuracy requirement, and to be the leader in the industry.

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